Class Descriptions

FORM 1 (BASICS)  (Appropriate for all levels, especially beginners)

Form 1 focuses on key alignment principles in the fundamental yoga poses, proper breath practices, and linking the two. This class will build a strong foundation for a lifetime of safe and fruitful yoga practice. Expect clear instruction including proper use of props.

FORM 2  (Appropriate for all levels; some yoga experience preferred)

Form 2 provides a deeper exploration of the Hatha yoga poses. Expect clear and detailed instruction as well as opportunities to work on or toward intermediate postures.

FORM 3  (Please have prior yoga experience for this class)

Advance and deepen your practice through an exploration of alignment principles, biomechanics and intelligent sequencing. Class will begin with a flow-based warm up and move into specific work with alignment, strength and flexibility (and creative use of props!). Challenging and fun.

FLOW – MIXED LEVEL  (Some yoga experience helpful but not required – all levels welcome)

Primarily a flowing practice, this class links postures, movement, and breath. Build strength, focus, flexibility, and fluidity. A fun and challenging class with something for everyone.

FLOW 2 / 3  (Yoga experience required)

A challenging and dynamic flowing class, moderately paced and creatively sequenced. Build strength, focus, and flexibility as you work toward more advanced poses. Basic through advanced poses are offered as well as options for modifications throughout the practice.


A gentle, healing practice. Includes a soft sequence of yoga poses designed to reduce stress and gently open the body. Complements more rigorous practices. Great for all levels; appropriate for beginners.

DEEP STRETCH  (All levels)

This quiet, meditative class focuses on longer holds in mainly passive poses. Designed and sequenced to increase flexibility and promote blood flow to repair or prevent injuries.

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