Max Strom Workshops – June 3 and 4, 2017

When we are in pain, we become self-centered and myopic.  When we heal, we become more empathetic, self-less, and sympathetic to the pain and welfare of others.  It is our gift to others to heal ourselves. ~ Max Strom

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Saturday,  June 3

Inner Axis:  Opening the Body | $55

10 am to noon

This movement workshop suitable for all levels begins very gently and then builds momentum. At the apex we move directly into a special sequence of movement patterns that opens the internal body that induces an emotional sense of release, brings the mind into stillness, and the body into a new state of energy. This class is both challenging and very healing. Bring your mat.

Finding Your Life Purpose (lecture/writing) | $60

2 to 4:30 pm  

Join Max for an inspiring and insightful talk and a concise course in essential steps to reveal and/or launch one’s life purpose. Known for his depth perception and insight into the human experience, this new seminar offers an inspiring and insightful talk by Max, followed by a concise course in essential steps to reveal and/or launch one’s life purpose. The insight you will gain cannot be purchased or found in a book, university, or website. This special seminar will help you to see your world differently, and even course-correct the trajectory of your life course. Be sure to bring writing materials.

Topics include-

  • Are you prepared for success? (Do you believe that you deserve it?)
  • Revealing your blind side, your gifts and purpose
  • Mentorship
  • Reverse-Engineering your purpose
  • Distinguishing happiness and meaning
  • The relationship between leadership and purpose
  • Primary resources – Time vs. money
  • Recalibrate and course-correct

Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of today’s foremost teachers of wellness, finding meaning in the digital age, and breath-based movement.

Please no recording equipment

Sunday, June 4

Max Strom’s Inner Axis Essentials | $120 

9:30 am to 4:30 pm (1.5 hour lunch break) 

This daylong workshop will be a day of exploring the essential elements of practice that Max Strom is so highly regarded for. Open to all levels.

The morning will consist of a short lecture on essential terms followed by a full practice of breath initiated movement and healing patterns of yoga postures.

The afternoon will go more deeply into the how and why of the essential elements he works with such as:

  • Glossary of Terms for key Movements and Actions
  • The End of Anxiety and Depression using Breathing Patterns
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Wisdom Beyond the Mat
  • Recalibrating our life

Max’s Bio

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer, and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of his students for two decades.

Many of you know him from his inspiring book, A Life Worth Breathing, which is now published in five languages, and his recent book, There is No APP for Happiness. In 2006, the increasing demand for his work caused him to take his system beyond his yoga center in Los Angeles to people of many faiths and nationalities around the world every year.

As a result, Max Strom has become a new voice of personal transformation. His system, Inner Axis, is a system of field-tested techniques that are a synthesis of yoga, qi gong, and movement therapy. But his teachings are not limited by contemporary yoga culture, and instead they are known to reach the heart of people from all walks of life.

His lectures include a philosophy for real world living, and personal growth that is meaningful to both the student and their family. A dynamic speaker, he has presented three TEDx events, a keynote speech on ethics in business at a Fortune 500 Corporation, and a talk at The Singularity University, and most recently at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia.

You can see more of his work on his DVDs, Learn to Breathe, to heal yourself and your relationships, and Max Strom Yoga – Strength, Grace, Healing. Max has been leading teacher trainings since 2000.

You can find more about Max here:

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