Xi Nguyen

“The art form I practice embodies the series of ashtanga and vinyasa flows. The art form I live by is breath. Living and absorbing these art forms one breath at a time allows me to define my existence and purpose on a daily basis. The idea is to gain stillness in this complex world. Thru art, thru philosophy, thru the movement of breath, stillness is around us a gift waiting to be accepted.”

Yoga found Xi back in 1999 and since then her relationship with this ancient tradition of self healing has significantly blossomed and continues to grow in profound ways.  Her life experiences, her own practice of yoga inform her creative offerings to this community.

Xi believes the purpose of our yoga practice is not only to purify and cleanse the body and mind through physical postures, but to elevate our consciousness so that we can realize our great potential.

Xi is honored to have had the opportunity to study and learn with skilled teachers such as Shiva Rea (India 2005), Tias Little, Max Strom, Doug Swenson, Kim Schwartz, Bhavani Maki, and David Williams.  She looks forward to continuing her exploration and education so that she can share it with others.

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